West Virginia Governor Presents Plate of Poopy to Press


West Virginia Governor Jim Justice does not like his legislature’s budget plan, and he registered his displeasure by showing the press some poopy.

Justice, a Democrat, held a press conference with three covered serving platters. He removed them one by one. Watch the tension build in the video below as he reveals first a “nothingburger,” then a “mayonnaise sandwich,” and then – yes – a big plate of what appears to be actual cow poopy.

If you know what the mayonnaise sandwich means, please write to us at indelegatesite@gmail.com.

The clear highlight of this video is when Justice refers to what is on the platter as “bull you-know-what,” presumably because referring to the actual big plate of poopy as “bullshit” would take all the class out of the gesture.

Justice vetoed the budget.

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