Trump’s Lawyer Gets Mad Online


Here is an important reminder that you should never get mad online, courtesy of Marc Kasowitz, lawyer for President Donald Trump:

That’s an email published (and verified) by Pro Publica. Pro Publica had earlier published a story about Kasowitz’s security clearance status and alleged drinking problem. Kasowitz has not bothered to get a security clearance to represent the president in the Russian collusion probe, and may have trouble getting one if he wants to, because he’s allegedly a booze hound (feel free to print this sentence and cut it out for your 2017 madness scrapbook).

Anyway, Rachel Maddow covered the boozy Pro Publica story last week. One of her viewers then sent an email to Kasowitz with the subject line “Resign Now,” because of course one of Maddow’s viewers would do that. Thank God he did, though, because check this out:


That’s the second of four emails Kasowitz would eventually send. And here’s my favorite by far:


Let’s just talk, man, you know – Jew to Jew. Bro.

You can read the whole exchange over at Pro Publica.

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