Trump is (Still) Going to be President


The Electoral College made Donald Trump’s win official today, which was always what was going to happen.

Some optimistic liberals had hopes that the Electoral College voters would refuse to hand Trump his win – something that, technically, the Electoral College voters are allowed to do. If there had been enough faithless electors to deny Trump the 270 electoral votes he needed to clinch, then the vote would have gone to the Republican-held House of Representatives (which almost certainly would have chosen Trump anyway) – unless they somehow agreed to give 270 to someone else, which was even less likely to happen.

There was a little noise leading up to the vote – some electors wanted to delay it or see Trump’s intelligence briefings before the whole thing went down – but most of that noise came from Clinton electors, who aren’t really the people that liberals needed to convince.

The actual decision-day shenanigans were few and far between. A couple of Texas electors refused to vote for Trump, and John Kasich and Bernie Sanders each had electors try to vote for them, only to be replaced or overruled. Washington State’s electors went bonkers, with three defecting from Hillary Clinton to Colin Powell, of all people, and one voting for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American that you have never heard of but who still somehow makes more sense than Colin Powell.

So that’s that. Trump will be inaugurated on January 20.

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