Trump Gives Pretty Okay Speech

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President Donald Trump gave his not-State of the Union speech tonight, and it was fine.

Trump began his speech by condemning crimes against the Jewish and immigrant community – a big moment given that he’s had some issues with striking the right tone on this kind of stuff in the past. He went on to give a speech that was fairly upbeat and forward-looking. That’s the kind of speech we expected (but did not get) at the inauguration, and a speech that, until now, Trump hasn’t really shown himself to be capable of giving.

There was no real change in any of Trump’s policies here, so haters of Trump’s substance will still be pretty unhappy. But haters of Trump’s style have their first taste of the long awaited pivot.

The speech wasn’t an all-timer, but it’s fair to call this the best speech of Trump’s (relatively young) political career, at least by any traditional metric.

Here’s the full speech (rewind to -1:17). If you were hoping Trump was going to go off the rails, I’m sorry for your loss – read this or this instead.

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