Monday Memes 8.7.17

Monday Memes - political memes from Indelegate

Welcome to Monday Memes, where we take a look at all of the best and worst memes that the internet had to offer in the past week. This week: fill the Trump vacation void with a potpourri of memes.

What up, it’s Monday. Grab some beers, sit with me here on the shore, and let’s reel in some dank memes.


Meme grade: r/neoliberal… welcome back to Monday Memes.

Speaking of fish, here’s r/The_Donald’s latest.

sharks hillary clinton

Meme grade: I try to deliver the freshest memes to you guys, but I honestly can’t tell what’s new and what’s a repost when I go on r/The_Donald. They’re still real into dragging Hillary Clinton, and all of the jokes are the same, and it all just kind of blends together, and I feel like I’m slowly losing my goddamn mind.

I think this one is new, though.

trump collusion political meme

Meme grade: I like this meme because it doesn’t even seem to be trying to make any sense. I also like that they found a black lady for the final photo and how hard they tried with the font at the end there. At the climax of every r/The_Donald meme, you can practically see the creator breathlessly groping for his inhaler. These are memes made with PASSION, folks.

Let’s get more offensive.

women of the left political meme

Meme grade: Eleanor Roosevelt and internet-shaming victim “Triggly Puff” in the same image! Wow. But where is Mary Todd Lincoln? Huge omission IMO.

cosmopolitan bias political meme

Meme grade: This is the best ones on r/The_Donald this week, but they got it from Twitter.

See, Reddit is a wartime consigliere. It’s your source for the angriest, tendie-grabbingest, red-face-iest memes on the web. But for that cool, collected snark, liberals and conservatives alike have to turn elsewhere. Reddit can grab a meme from 4chan once in a while and pretend it has any chill, but they’re mad all of the time, and they know it.

Anyway: for memes that have even a modicum of chill, nothing beats Twitter.

Meme grade: Hell yeah.

Meme grade: A+++

See, Reddit’s memers have memes instead of friends. Twitter memers choose memes over their friends. They are secure in their decision. They are calm. They have something to say, but not something to scream.

Unless you’re talking about the political people on Twitter who don’t make memes. They seem mad all of the time. It’s pretty much the inverse of Reddit, I guess.

Anyway, back to Twitter.

Meme grade: It’s going to be a bittersweet meme moment if we approach a Trump impeachment. The memes will be off the hook, but we’ll know that soon they’ll be back down to pre-Trump levels. It will be like a colorful sunset: breathtaking but fleeting, beautiful but sad.

He’s not political, but everyone on Twitter follows @dril, the king of good and dumb tweets. So his massive influence leaks into political memes occasionally, as we see here in our MEME OF THE WEEK, which draws a stunning connection to @dril’s famous profile image:

Meme grade: Oh my God.

Okay, it’s time for some old people memes. Facebook and email-forwards, what have you got for me?

trump obama young political meme

Meme grade: Naw, no way. It’s really widely known that Trump never served in the military. This meme is a liberal plant, I’m sure of it.

What about your hippie aunt? What has she been forwarding lately?

mexico pays for impeachment

Meme grade: I know all of these words, but they don’t make any sense in this order.

Okay, enough of that. Let’s wrap things up with one last decent meme. Reddit’s r/The_Donald was never chill, but they used to at least channel their high blood pressure into more positive memes rather than just screeching about made-up murders all of the time. Here’s a meme that hearkens back to that glorious time.

swamp creatures political meme

Meme grade: Vintage feel. A+.

See you next week.

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