Monday Memes 12.19.16

Monday Memes - political memes from Indelegate

Welcome to Monday Memes, where we take a look at all of the best and worst memes that the internet had to offer in the past week.

Happy Monday, kids! The Electoral College votes today. But first: memes! Let’s get right to it.


Meme grade: Yeah, dare to dream.

That meme above was posted as parody by the folks at r/the_Donald, who are all pretty deliriously happy today. Here’s some more from them:


Meme grade: 3/4 Pepes. I had to penalize this meme one Pepe because the mom Pepe looks more like a 80s hair metal Pepe. No credit for that Pepe.

Happy times indeed! But that doesn’t mean they’re not still mad at people who don’t want Russia to choose the president!


Meme grade: 12/12 tendies

Your grandmother is fed up with this shit, too.


Meme grade: Kind of makes me want a Hershey Kiss. Or maybe some Keebler cookies. Definitely hungry, though.

In the interest of balance, let’s hear from someone who is actually wearing a tin foil hat right now.


Meme grade: There are NINE MEMES in this meme! And almost as many specific accusations.

From reader Lareign:


Meme grade: ELITE. You, too, can do your civic duty and send dank memes to Remember: if you see something, send something.

Once more into the Russian hacking scandal:


Meme grade: It’s the red parts.

Here’s our first Mad Dog Mattis meme. May many more follow.


Meme grade: Pretty bad, to be honest. Mad Dog deserves better. C-.

Finally, there’s this. After Donald Trump called conservative presidential candidate Evan McMullin “Evan McMuffin” at a rally, the photoshops came rolling in. My personal favorite, and our Meme of the Week:


Meme grade: 300 calories.

See you next week.

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