Monday Memes 10.3.16

Monday Memes - political memes from Indelegate

Welcome to Monday Memes, where we take a look at all of the best and worst memes that the internet had to offer in the past week.

How rough are things for Donald Trump right now? So rough that even his memes aren’t that good this week. For the first time all cycle, the millennial basement caucus seems to have lost interest in shredding Hillary Clinton. Check out the Donald drawing fire from all sides!


Meme grade: B+



Meme grade: snifffff


Even the alt-right’s favorite meme was turned against them:


Meme grade: 9.3


That green frog thing is Pepe, who became a wildly popular meme and eventually the unofficial mascot of the weirdest web warriors in the alt-right fringe. He started popping up in some pretty racist memes and was eventually declared to be a hate symbol. That was a bummer for Pepe’s original creator, cartoonist Matt Furie. Furie once had a very friendly (and very laissez-faire) relationship with fans of his creation, but he’s not thrilled about the whole “Pepe is now wildly racist” thing that’s going on, which is why posted this to his tumblr:


Meme grade: ELITE


Most of the memes from Trump’s rough week, but we did get at least one solid pro-Hillary meme.


Of course, Hillary didn’t get through the week unscathed. Following word that Trump may not pay any federal tax, one memer opened fire on Hillary with this creative jpeg:


Meme grade: Worth forwarding to grandpa


And, as usual, we have a strong entry from the “Hillary Clinton kills political opponents” school of memery.

Meme grade: It never gets old. A+


You know who didn’t have a good week, or a bad one, or a relevant one? Onetime candidate and current nobody Bernie Sanders!


Meme grade: 43.2% of the popular vote


Gary Johnson memes were garbage this week, so let’s skip right to Jill Stein’s crew. The Stein backers always post the most unhinged memes, but they absolutely outdid themselves this week. Check out this masterpiece:


Meme grade: omg holy shit


See you next week!

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