Hillary Clinton’s Email Case Reopened by FBI

Hillary Clinton

Here is a spooky Halloween story: a candidate is haunted by her emails. She thinks she’s finally killed the story off when – suddenly – it’s baaaaaack!

That’s pretty much the plot of EMAILGATE II (tagline: Just When You Thought It Was Safe to go Back on the Server). As you’ll recall from the first installment, the FBI previously cleared Clinton of any criminal wrongdoing related to her inadvisable use of a private server while Secretary of State. Clinton was “extremely careless,” but not a crook, the FBI concluded.

But now, FBI director James B. Comey has announced that new emails related to the investigation have been uncovered. And just like a zombie’s coffin, this case is being reopened. That’s bad news for Hillary Clinton, who will now face renewed scrutiny in the closing weeks of her presidential campaign.

How could new emails be discovered, you might ask, when Clinton’s staff took such pains to accidentally/intentionally lose them/bleachbit them straight to email hell? Well, the emails in question were discovered in the course of another investigation. Which investigation? This guy’s:

Clinton email investigation reopened

Suggested New York Post headline: WEINER SCREWS HILLARY

Weiner, you will recall, is married to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin (for now, that is – Abedin is divorcing him). Devices belonging to he and his wife were seized by the FBI as part of its investigation into Weiner’s latest sexting scandal, which involves a 15-year-old girl and, for that reason, may be a sex crime. On those devices were a ton of new Clinton emails – possibly even “thousands,” as one New York Times source claims.

The purpose of the reopened FBI investigation is to go through all of these new emails and check to see if any classified information is included in any of these new emails. The 2016 race has turned into something of a laugher, but this is an ugly moment for Clinton in the closing weeks of the campaign – and could have legal repercussions for her beyond November 8.


Images: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst; Reuters/Lucas Jackson

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  1. The emails didn’t come from her, and they came from outside her server. Also, they reportedly were not withheld. Initial reporting from some outlets was sloppy, although Newsweek has been on it with better sources. They’re saying such cases are never actually closed, so this one can’t be reopened? It’s probably not nearly as bad as it sounded initially, not that it will stop Trump from saying it is. And yeah, it’s not a great look for the word “emails” to be associated with Hillary this close to November.

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