Donald Trump Spent the Weekend Dissing ‘Hamilton’ on Twitter


Like everyone else, Donald Trump has seen the footage of Vice President-elect Mike Pence getting roundly booed at a New York City performance of Hamilton. And like everyone else, Donald Trump has bad opinions about it.

First, in case you somehow missed it, here’s Mike Pence getting shit on by a rowdy theater filled with rich and/or lucky Hamilton ticket-holders:

And here’s the cast addressing Pence directly after the show. Pence and his family had actually already left at this point, but the actors are such pros that you’d never even know:

Plenty of people had opinions on this. A few New York Times writers nearly choked on their Earl Grey when they heard. The folks over at not-Gawker want to remind you that you have a moral obligation to harass Mike Pence every time he leaves his house. But the most frightening bad opinion of all came from President-elect Donald Trump:

It’s pretty unusual for a President-elect to use the bully pulpit to demand apologies from dissenting private citizens, by which I mean this never, ever happens. But wait, there’s more! Trump took a break from dissing Hamilton to get upset about Saturday Night Live, as well.

Some are speculating that Trump’s tweet storm is designed to distract the media from his Trump University lawsuit, which he just settled. But if Trump’s trying to avoid controversial news coverage, attacking private citizens for exercising their right to free speech is an interesting way to go about it.


Main photo: AP

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