Donald Trump Gave a Pretty Bonkers Speech Last Night


Things haven’t been going too well for Donald Trump lately. He didn’t help himself last night in Pennsylvania.

While The New York Times was publishing a tax return that indicates that the Donald could have avoided paying any federal income tax for 18 years, the candidate himself was on stage at Pennsylvania rally. Trump appeared to be irritated, and he veered off script to perform a medley of his weirdest hits. The Washington Post has a truly surreal play-by-play up on their site, but we’ve got the highlights below. Donald Trump did all of this in 25 minutes:

  • Encouraged his supporters to go to “certain areas” and “watch” the voting process for fraud. “We can’t lose an election because of you know what I’m talking about,” Trump explained.
  • Referenced his “bum mic” at the first presidential debate and implied (again) that he was intentionally sabotaged.
  • Mocked Hillary Clinton’s health scare by imitating her and reenacting her stumbling and collapse:

  • Questioned Hillary Clinton’s mental health: “She’s crazy. She could actually be crazy.”
  • Said that Hillary Clinton “should be in prison.”
  • Said “our country is becoming a third world country.”
  • Shared this weird world salad about movies and Trump rallies: “Right now, you say to your wife: ‘Let’s go to a movie after Trump.’ But you won’t do that because you’ll be so high and so excited that no movie is going to satisfy you. Okay? No movie. You know why? Honestly? Because they don’t make movies like they used to — is that right?”
  • Said Hillary Clinton’s “only loyalty is to her financial contributors and to herself.” He then appeared to accuse her of infidelity: “I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill, if you want to know the truth.” When the crowd reacted audibly, Trump referenced Bill Clinton’s infidelities: “And really… why should she be?”
  • Called African-American communities “worse than war zones.”
  • Said that voting him would “make every dream you ever dreamed for your country come true.” (Is that you, Pedro?)

Trump’s scripted statement was supposed to be nine sentences long and exclusively on the subject of Clinton’s leaked statements about Bernie Sanders supporters.

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